Repeat Attenders

A much needed sprinkle of stardust has finally arrived to keep us entertained during lockdown, with the wonderful Repeat Attenders finally coming to our screens. It’s currently only available to rent but having seen it for the first time, we can confirm it’s worth every penny. If you have ever seen a show more than once, you’re a repeat attender (we can’t share just how many times we’ve seen certain shows without sounding like we’re stalking them). Repeat Attenders doesn’t gloss over the darker side of celebrity fandom but it’s balanced out by a look at why for many of us, theatre is almost literally life-saving.

If you’ve ever seen starlight express and thought “Hey, I really want to go to the shops dressed as a train” or maybe you have an overwhelming desire to turn your garage into a shrine to Cats, then this is the documentary for you…and if you’ve never thought either of those things you’ll find this a hoot!

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